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We strive to grow with our clients as a business partner in the long term.  We are serious about your success as our success is dependable on yours!


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We tailor make a service for your business and your needs!

Would you like for your compliance headaches to be a thing of the past?   Been thinking about outsourcing?   How streamlined is the financial side of your business?   Do you receive the necessary information to make strategic decisions timeously?

Our mission and values are geared towards providing our clients with the best possible service!!

We are an accounting firm offering monthly bookkeeping and accounting services in Pretoria. We are professional accountants focusing on delivering quality accounting services to small and medium businesses in Montana, Sinoville, Annlin, Pretoria North, Wonderboom and alll other Pretoria suburbs. We help businesses and individuals complete statutory returns such as Income Tax, VAT and PAYE Returns

As owner I obtained my degree Bcom(Acc) at the University of Pretoria.  I did my Chartered Accountant Articles at a very reputable firm in the Lynnwood Glen  area and we are still excellent business partners.  We consult regularly on projects that require the expertise of a Chartered Accountant.  As owner I am registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and I am a registered Tax Practitioner with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

We mainly focus on entrepreneurs with small businesses that is typically owner driven or family owned, but do not have the capacity to deal with the daily financial administrative functions, nor have the available budget to employ a knowledgeable person to handle it for them on site and prefer to outsource the function.  We strive to grow with our clients as a business partner in the long term.  We are serious about your success as our success is dependable on yours!


The entity form of our client base ranges from the individual, young job starter to the retired, business owners or partners, to more complex entities including partnerships, Close Corporations and companies.  The main activities and industries of concern is farming, manufacturing, retail, professional practices eg, doctors, architects and a variety of other service delivery entities.


We signed our first client in 2006 and our practice is constantly growing.  We are proud to say that our first client is still with our practice, and that is one of our measures of excellence and professionalism.


To be in the business of growing businesses through sound advice and the provision of financial and taxation services to serve the financial needs of our clients by being committed to service excellence in an ever changing financial environment.


To provide exceptional services to dynamic and ethical clients who are serious about business while always adding "the personal touch".  To employ people that meet our requirements for ability, ambition and integrity, and through growth become a "one stop shop" for all business needs.  To maintain and uphold all of our practice values.  To question the way things are done, improve and add value to clients by exceeding their expectations and going "the extra mile".  To be financially liquid and independent.